Book Review

PPS Book Title Promotion – “My Bad Tequila” By: Rico Austin

Two Shots….and there you go. You can run but you can’t hide. Young, in college, Spring Break, and heading for a Mexican beach by the Sea of Cortez sounds like the perfect get away for anyone. But when you are struggling against the cold of an Idaho winter this sounds like the perfect definition of […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Brain Warp” By: Gil Snider

Warp Your Mind Wrap your brain around this thriller. Peter Branstead, the intelligent neurology doctor at Saint Mark’s hospital, has stumbled into a medical mystery never before seen in the medical profession. Vagrants from the local area have flooded into the emergency room of Saint Mark’s. All of them with the same symptoms and all […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Earth Angel” By: Diane Hall

Not An Ordinary Book When is a journal more than a journal? Angels; we see pictures of them, or have little jewelry and sculptures of them in the house. The fact is we are intrigued by angels. Some want to know if they are real and some what to see one. What if you could […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Neiko’s Five Land Adventure” By: A.K. Taylor

A Journey into a new adventure awaits you. Do you remember as a child playing hide and seek with a group of friends? It’s a fun and exciting game with simple, easy to follow rules. It is this simplistic form of entertainment that the younger generation craves. It is this style of entertainment that new […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Hawk: Sound Justice” By: Cynthia Hepner

Justice has a name – Hawk. An elderly woman takes the stand in the case of her murdered husband. Further in town a young woman searches for her missing brother. On the surface these two have no connection but after the young woman convinces Hawk to help her we soon discover that things are not […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “No Innocent Affair” By: Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. With Kelly Helen Mrkvicka

Review of a Powerful Book You want the truth about adultery? Here it is in its purest form. “She means nothing to me. I love you.” “It was just a one time thing; I broke it off.” “You don’t give me what I need.” Any of these statements sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard some of […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Poison Reality: A Symphony of Bittersweet” By: Nedyne Shorts-Nettles

The bitter end to hatred… The strife and struggles of dysfunctional families are seen everyday. There are, at times, those examples of success that provide hope and a silver lining to an otherwise bad situation. In “Poison Reality” we see the catastrophic damage caused by a few, the strong emotions stirred by love and the […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Pax Corpus” Author: Ryan S. Fortney

To protect and serve the survivors…this is Pax Corpus. The virus that brought about the apocalypse quickly turned into an epidemic before anyone truly knew what was happening. Dante Marcellus, then of the NYPD, soon found himself protecting the last remnants of humanity, as they evacuated from New York, from blood thirsty, ravenous zombies. The […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “The Complimate Quotient” By: Monica Strobel

Who Have You Complimented Today? This book, like a compliment, is a life enhancing tool. You look nice today. You did a great job on that project. Wow, that was a great dinner. The house looks awesome. All of these are compliments and many of us have heard them from time to time. Truth be […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Garden of Heaven: An Odyssey” by: Malcolm R. Campbell

Take a journey of mind and body. The wisdom of the elders is passed from one age to the next. As this wisdom is passed to the younger age some experience a change in their life while others experience a journey that transcends both time and space. In “Garden of Heaven an Odyssey” we journey […]