Professional Blogging

How do I create a blog that *conquers all obstacles* and stays out of the slush pile?

“The Internet is a vast wasteland of thoughts and ideas. According to Technorati, someone creates a new blog every 1.4 seconds. If blogging was a crime, and in some cases it very much should be, it would be the number one source of criminal activity in the land.” Adam Brown, FreelanceSwitch Site.

With these alarming facts, how do I create a blog that my viewers will pick mine to read?

I must present a professional blog.

In the past, I have supplied checklists and a few posts on blogging that guides you in creating a fabulous site. But, perhaps you’ve overlooked a few items that may seem obvious but subconsciously you’re incorporating into your posts. These points will deter your audience away. Take a moment, carefully read, and check off each point.

Unfortunately, all it may take is one of these points (not to be checked-off) to turn your viewers off and away, never to return.

_____ Properly, type in caps and no caps-do not take short-cuts.

–          Do not capitalize your entire title leaving everything in bold print.

–          Do not leave words like ‘i’ in lower case.

_____ Use the word ‘blog’ correctly-do not call your post or article a blog.

_____ Choose 2-3 posts as ‘related posts’ at the end of your original post for the day-do not include a string or list of related posts. KISS.

_____ Spell names correctly.

_____ Keep your content short, specific and relevant-avoid rambling.

_____ Take blogging seriously.

_____ Keep your readers informed.

_____ Use pictures to spice up your post.

_____ Establish yourself as a source of information

_____ Keep your posts positive-bad mouthing and constant complaining is just plain unacceptable.

“Remember as the medium becomes more and more mainstream, there will be more and more blogs and more and more opportunities.” >ProBlogger, Darren Rowse<

In the corporate world, the presentation of your professional blog may soon be seen as reference tool-a shoe-in application. The content and presentation of your posts honestly exposes your expertise and can open the doors for many new opportunities-more opportunities in areas you may never have dreamt.

Do you want to be a part of this industry?

You can *conquer all obstacles* and open the doors for opportunities by blogging professionally.

“If you can establish yourself as the blogging expert in your niche, not just a blog writing expert in your niche there is money to be made from a fertile market.” >ProBlogger, Darren Rowse<


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13 comments on “Professional Blogging

  1. Jo-Anne, this checklist is very helpful. After reading your post I discovered that I have too many related posts links on a few of my articles. Thank goodness for your checklist. You never know what effect a few minor oversights or mistakes might have.

  2. Nice article, amazing looking blog, added it to my favs!!

    • Hi;

      Thank you for your kind response…if you’d like an awesome (if I don’t say-so-myself…lol) resource book with even more valuable tips for writers, you can upload the entire eBook for under $10. The physical book “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” is now available anywhere online.

      Here’s the ebook link: http://bit.ly/84N7dj

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      Many endorsements from fellow-writers (like you) are listed and publically displayed for others to read. Check it out…you may be there.

      Thank you for your business & support…a win-win…spread the word…:).

      Many blessings and have a Happy New Year!

      Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

      “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers”


      Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

      Owner and Marketeer of

      *Premium Promotional Services*


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  4. Great post and extremely helpful checklist, I’ll be making sure I’ve checked them all off on my blog! Thanks for your help!

  5. I stick to the maxim: Have something to say and then say it. I sometimes ramble and have to go back and edit. But heck, the SEO spiders love it when you are constantly adding new material to your blog so edit away and keep writing! I am going to use your post as a resource for my next presentation. As usual…good stuff!

  6. Jo-Anne, Thanks for the list. I’m fairly new at blogging and appreciate a check list.
    Brenda Hendricks

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