PPS Book Title Promotion – “Garden of Heaven: An Odyssey” by: Malcolm R. Campbell

3-Star Magical Realism

Take a journey of mind and body.

The wisdom of the elders is passed from one age to the next. As this wisdom is passed to the younger age some experience a change in their life while others experience a journey that transcends both time and space. In “Garden of Heaven an Odyssey” we journey with David as he makes the transition from boy to man.
On David’s tenth birthday his grandmother, Katoya, gave him a wondrous gift – magic. Not just any magic, but the magic of nature and the secrets the universe holds in that magic. With the help of Maisto, the black raven, Katoya demonstrates how that magic works and also sets David on a path that he will travel long into his life.

As he grows and learns the ways of his people from Katoya he also learns the common sense and hard work of life from his parents and grandfather. All of these lessons combine to shape the man he will become. However, the journey of the universe often takes unusual turns and David finds himself with both lost time and memory. As he puts the puzzle of his journey together he is introduced to multiple and varied individuals; all of whom are there for a reason.

Will David put together the pieces of the puzzle and truly understand the journey of his life? How will his journey impact his friends and family?

“Garden of Heaven an Odyssey” is the culmination of author Malcolm R. Campbell’s imagination and attention to detail. It is this fountain of detail that anchors his story between reality and the dream realm. Campbell develops characters that possess a certain depth and connectivity. The vivid settings will entice your senses and elicit memories in the minds of the readers.

“Garden of Heaven an Odyssey” is the fourth novel published by author Malcolm R. Campbell. Like the odyssey novels of old this epic is sure to capture your mind as you twist and turn through an ever morphing journey until you reach the end. I recommend this book to those with a vivid imagination and a mind ready to see a larger scene.

To learn more about author Malcolm R. Campbell and his book “Garden of Heaven an Odyssey” please click HERE.

Title: Garden of Heaven an Odyssey
Author: Malcolm R. Campbell
ISBN: 978-1-935407-69-0
Genre: Magical Realism
Pages: 702
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 3-Star


2 comments on “PPS Book Title Promotion – “Garden of Heaven: An Odyssey” by: Malcolm R. Campbell

  1. Actually, the novel is magical realism, not fantasy. Thanks for the review!

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