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PPS Book Title Promotion – “Earth Angel” By: Diane Hall

4-Star Spiritual Fiction

Not An Ordinary Book

When is a journal more than a journal?

Angels; we see pictures of them, or have little jewelry and sculptures of them in the house. The fact is we are intrigued by angels. Some want to know if they are real and some what to see one. What if you could read a journal written by an angel? What would we learn from those pages? In Diane Hall’s novel “Earth Angel” we find the answers to those questions and many more. We travel with the angels as they journey through humanity.

Art, music and writing are the expressions of emotions in the truest form. Angels hunger for that avenue of emotion. They identify these gifts in those who don’t and nurture that gift if possible. They assist humans to reach their potential in an effort to progress the greater plan of greater love. The discoveries, trials and sacrifices are discovered as these angels travel through human existence.

What do angels think? How do they express emotion? What do they feel for humanity? What is their purpose?

From the first word, Diane Hall delivers an endearing story of love and sacrifice. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to be absorbed into the travels, journeys and multiple reincarnations of life lived on Earth. The more you read the deeper your understanding of the angel’s view, thoughts and actions become.

The strength of “Earth Angel” lies in the characters. Angels capture our senses and captivate our imaginations. This being of pure love delivers hope and joy even in the darkest moments; even when they would rather do something else. The greater good is always their goal and it is this goal that inspires us to be better. This novel is for those who are enthralled with angels and those who seek a story of love, joy and romance.

Author Diane Hall’s debut novel is sure to capture the hearts of readers both old and young. The message within the story is inspiring and bright.

Learn more about Diane Hall and her book by visiting her site HERE.

Title: Earth Angel
Author: Diane Hall
ISBN: 978-0-9559733-6-9
Genre: Spiritual fiction
Pages: 254
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 4-Star


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