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PPS Book Title Promotion – “Brain Warp” By: Gil Snider

4-Star Medical Thriller

Warp Your Mind

Wrap your brain around this thriller.

Peter Branstead, the intelligent neurology doctor at Saint Mark’s hospital, has stumbled into a medical mystery never before seen in the medical profession. Vagrants from the local area have flooded into the emergency room of Saint Mark’s. All of them with the same symptoms and all of them end with the same result – death. But what is causing these symptoms and why can’t the doctors save these patients?

As Peter investigate this mystery he discovers that everything is not as it seems. In fact it goes well beyond the simple virus or outbreak. Each patient did not simply die, they were murdered. Why? Little does Peter know but the closer he gets to the answer the closer he gets to extreme danger. There are people in the world who would do anything for power and Peter is about to meet them. “Brain Warp” is a medical mystery that travels across the globe and back again.

The deeper Peter digs the higher the stakes get. The individuals behind this horrible plan know of Peter, his fiancé and their investigation. To stop their snooping they have called upon the Scorpion, the most ruthless individual known to the Ukrainian underworld. The mafia themselves fear this individual. What they don’t know is Peter has friends…but is it enough to stop these people and avoid the Scorpion?

From the first word, Gil Snider delivers a fast pace, mystery thriller that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to encourage Peter to keep digging but be careful and solve this crime. The more you read the more you feel the tension building as all the characters you care about find themselves in peril.

The strength of “Brain Warp” lies in the story structure, crisp plot and believability. With medical terminology to support the plot it lends to the credibility of the story which adds depth in a real world scenario. The characters capture your attention quickly and never let go until the end. Author Gil Snider’s novel is a true medical mystery and thriller in every sense of the word. Think House but in the form of a book. I highly recommend “Brain Warp” for anyone who enjoys edge of your seat suspense, intrigue, crime and mystery.

For more information about Brain Warp and author Gil Snider please click HERE.

Title: Brain Warp
Author: Gil Snider
ISBN: 978-1-58348-472-2
Genre: Medical Thriller
Pages: 267
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 4-Star


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