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February PPS Promo Deal

Are you searching for MAJOR EXPOSURE?
For 2 Weeks we will expose your book cover to OVER A MILLION FOLLOWERS/READERS!




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Be the next SPECIAL FEATURE on these 2 high traffic sites:

1.) (PPS) – *Premium Promotional Services*

2.) NEW! eMerce Content – Averaging 2K per day! 

PPS PROMO DEAL – Service, Product & Coaching For ONLY $89.99

You Receive: 
• SERVICE – 2 Weeks (mid to end of the month) – PRODUCT – Direct functional links – Now the viewer clicks on the book cover or logo and is automatically directed to your distribution site (ie: Amazon or personal site) where your books/products are sold – Simple & Convenient for the buyer. Formal Report – You will receive the exact html code, with your new functionality linked book widget (so you can load this onto sites). COACHING – free user-friendly promotional tips given – you can incorporate into your marketing plan right away.
OVER 1,000,000,000+ Views through LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Goodreads, Shelfari and Facebook announcements sprinkled over 2 weeks – with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s traffic.
NEW! – Featured on eMerce Content Site – 2,000 day views.
o Special Author on the PPS site – Seeing ~300 hits/day or 45,000 Views. 
• GREATER VISIBILITY – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Pinging the feature page to over 90 social bookmark sites-boosting you higher in the Search Engines like Google (SEO). 

Now the readers can find you and your books!

In Just 2 Simple Steps:

1.) E-mail: marketerjovandermeulen@gmail.com and include: The title of your latest book (For example, mine is: “Internet Marketing Made Easy”) or fill out online form.  
2.) The link where you want your traffic to flow (The site where your viewers can purchase your book – For example, mine is: http://emercecontent.com/books.html)
Twitter – please include your username (For example, mine is http://twitter.com/conquerall ) – If you don’t use twitter, let me know and I’ll use my name for Tweet promotion.

Or…Complete this simple form by clicking HERE!

The cost is $89.99 (20% off regular price) until MID-FEBRUARY.

(The deal expires February 10th). Note: (I will e-mail you from my account marketerjovandermeulen@gmail.com for payment through Paypal – tax receipts for clear deductions are easily downloadable).

That’s it!

I don’t need anything else.

I can get everything off the Internet.

So relax…:). 

*Such an advantage posting your cover or logo with the link embedded – Attractive-Symbolic-Simple -This will take the reader directly back to the site where your book/products are sold…introducing yourself and your book(s)/product(s) in detail. The website visitors come from ALL OVER THE WORLD. The total online book enthusiasts are BILLIONS…
Immediately building your online fan base, increasing the chances of sale, With 85% Returning Clients….

What others are saying:

“Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is my first choice when it comes to marketing. She is wonderful to work with, always reliable, and her Premium Promotional Services provide a huge boost in sales! Whenever Jo-Anne is on the job, I know I can leave it in her hands and get back to writing!”>Suza Kates http://www.suzakates.com/<
“ Jo-Anne gave me great international exposure for my book, Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book, on the Talk Radio Network. I’m definitely glad I did it.” >Daniel Saynuk author of Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book http://www.danielsaynuk.com<
“I have taken advantage of Jo-Anne’s special promotions about 18 months ago. She’s going to promote another of my book for the August promotion. I have notified her to reserve a spot for me in Septembers promotion, this one is for my book Engine 24: Fire Stories. I have appeared on her radio show and I can tell you if she offers you the opportunity to appear on her show – DO IT.” >Joe Corso http://www.corsobooks.com <
I’ve been using Jo-Anne’s services for years, which by itself is the best recommendation I can offer. What always brings me back is this – she does what she says she will do, and it’s always done when she says it will be done. She is the epitome of the word “professional.” >Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr. http://www.edwardfmrkvickajr.com/index.html< 
“Jo-Anne Vandemeulen is one of the hardest working business people I know. She markets her business, and ideas she has for improving your business, with a tireless resolve. And never is Jo-Anne anything but a positive, entrepreneurial force of nature; she’s amazing!” >Clayton Clifford Bye Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.
 “Jo-Anne was a wonderful help in getting my name out there, and a warm and helpful dear friend. Her services are top-notch and always dependable. She does what she says she’ll do.” >Mary Verdick http://www.maryverdick.com/&lt;
“Thank goodness for Jo-Anne Vandermeulen! She worked her magic promoting my book in ways I could never have done on my own. She provided the expertise to counter-balance my own talents. Thank you Jo-Anne!” >Doris Gaines Rap http://www.dorisgainesrapp.com/&lt;
 “Jo-Anne is your go-to-gal for the successful marketing of your fiction releases. As a romance writer, promoting one’s work can be daunting as the industry is chocked full of authors vying for attention. One’s release can get lost due to the enormous number of books published each week. Due to Jo-Anne’s expertise, your latest work will stand out from the crowd and traffic will increase at your website. Use her and be amazed. For my next release, she will find me seeking her out for her expertise. Thanks, Jo-Anne.” < P. J Dean http://www.pjdeanwriter.weebly.com/ <
“With Joanne’s additional support, sales for my new release increased and I hit #1 in two Amazon categories for the first time! Many good reviews and new fans followed. Her system is established, was a great relief, and best of all…it worked! I’ll definitely be a PPS author from here on!” > Suza Kates- Author of The Savannah Coven Series   
“I found Jo-Anne to be pleasant and enthusiastic to work with and her work was on time and just as described. My book showed a definite spike in sales during this PPS promotion. Thanks, Jo-Anne!” >Kenna McKinnon
“WOW am I excited. I typed into Google search “Journey Unknown, 2nd edition,” and it came up in the first two slots. Thanks. Let me know when your next push begins!”>Margaret Phalor Barnhart<
“Thanks for the recent marketing promotion (PPS PROMO DEAL). The traffic on my website and blog site have definitely increased and a couple of book sales too. It’s a definite start and I will be back for more promotions. Thanks so much.”>”Winter’s Captive” by June Bourgo<
“Thanks Jo-Anne. In just the first day of the 2 week PPS PROMO DEAL, with your single tweet about my book (I never counted them!!), earned a big chunk of the money I paid you.” >Hank Quense<
“I got a very nice review on Goodreads for my book due to your company. I will be looking to do the Facebook promo for August and a repeat of that June promo deal.”>P.J. Dean “The Felig Chronicles”<
“I viewed the sites today of my book, “The Long Night Moon”. THEY ARE AWESOME! All the links go straight to my blog site with book purchase info. I am delighted with your promotional presentation. Thanks.” >Elizabeth Towles<
“I enthusiastically endorse the expert services of Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s company. My website was only getting a set number of visitors a month and that was beginning to trail off. I discovered Jo-Anne’s very affordable services through an author’s loop on Yahoo. I chose a campaign to help drive more traffic to my author website and it sure did! In two days I got double the traffic it usually would take two months to get. Thanks, Jo-Anne.”>PJ DEAN, romance writer<
“Just had to pass this along. As a result of your company’s work, my website has been getting between 60 and 100 visitors a day. I love it. Thank you.” >Author Anita L. Johnson<
“Below is a review that I got from an Amazon customer who bought the sequel to the book that I advertized with you. This made my day. This person was directed to check out my website to learn more because of your work. Thank you.” >Author P.J. Dean<
“I signed up for the PPS JUNE-PROMO DEAL to help put life back into my picture book“Babysitting SugarPaw” two years after its release. My sales ranking on Amazon.com was around 6,491,000 at the beginning of June. During and after the PPS JUNE-PROMO DEAL, my sales ranking was at 10,000 and has remained at 10,000 since. Thank you Jo-Anne for doing such a great job at promoting my book. I’ll be using your services again for my back list titles and upcoming titles.” >Author VS Grenier<

Space is limited…ACT TODAY! 

“Persevere and persist as if there shall be no tomorrow.”

>Jo-Anne Vandermeulen from *Conquer All Obstacles*<
All the BEST!
Jo – See more at: http://www.ppsforauthors.com/

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