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PPS Book Title Promotion – “Hawk: Sound Justice” By: Cynthia Hepner

4-Star Crime Stories

Justice has a name – Hawk.

An elderly woman takes the stand in the case of her murdered husband. Further in town a young woman searches for her missing brother. On the surface these two have no connection but after the young woman convinces Hawk to help her we soon discover that things are not as they seem. Can Hawk connect the dots and piece together this puzzle before the boy stays missing forever while an elderly woman goes to jail? The first of two short stories in “Hawk: Sound Justice” is a mystery of corruption, murder and greed.

The second short story found in “Hawk: Sound Justice” is all about Sloane. While working with the Transitional Living Center, a home for abused women and children, he stumbles into an awkward situation. He is asked to help a woman and her children who stir within him feelings long forgotten. But the ex is stalking her with cruel intentions in mind. Can Sloane keep her safe and catch this abusive man? Will his feelings be returned or will they be dashed? This story is a tale of budding romance, danger and tension sure to pull on your heart strings and play with your emotions.

From the first word, Cynthia Hepner delivers the tales of Hawk, a fearless attorney, and Sloane, his trusted private investigator. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to be absorbed into Hawk’s adventure and Sloane’s journey. The more you read the more you connect with these two justice seekers and their efforts to fight crime.

The strength of “Hawk: Sound Justice” lies in the short story structure, crisp plot and fast action of crime, mystery and court drama; the characters capture your attention quickly and never let go until the end. This collection of short stories is for those who enjoy the pace, action and thrills of crime stories.

Author Cynthia Hepner’s third novel is a one two punch of intriguing short stories. It is an ideal book for a quick entertaining read on a hot summer day.

To learn more about Cynthia and her short stories click HERE.

Title: Hawk: Sound Justice
Author: Cynthia Hepner
ISBN: 978-1-45604-001-7
Genre: Crime – Short Story
Pages: 85
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 4 Star



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