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The Biggest Discovery in History for Authors and Readers! (Part One)

No More Confusion For Authors and Readers!

 Part 1:

Authors need a SIMPLE way to sell eBooks on the various devices (Android/Smartphone & OIS/iPhone – iPod/Table). Readers need a simple way to find, purchase and read their eBooks.

Unfortunately, up until this point, nothing has been easy. Authors have had to hire experts to format each and every book—to make them compatible with each and every device available. Readers have had to search and search for their favorite book and then only to be disappointed to discover their purchased eBook was visually unappealing and difficult to read.
Not any more…

Now, comes the biggest discovery in history for authors and readers…a simple way for authors to sell eBooks (compatible with any device on today’s market). And a double win-win…as this same solution also appeals to the reader. Readers will not only be able to simply find their favorite author/book; but will also be able to purchase and read their purchased eBook from their device.
Stay tune for Part 2…

In the meantime, take a glance at even more articles, educating the UPCOMING discovery to be unveiled.

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