Calling All Readers: Recommended NEW Books To Add To Your Shelf Or eReader! (48)

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PPS Promo Deal – Book Marketing Service

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 photo becf8b1d-aa52-45db-bee7-5e745d0a7bb4_zps6a4739fb.jpg

Unbelievable Feelings—Alive As Emotions Toss Throughout!

 photo 3359dbbd-1905-4fbb-9f55-532439b4a3e7_zps38eec2cd.jpg

Totally Engaging Interracial Sci-Fi Sizzler—Book 3 (The Felig Chronicles)!

 photo e509d285-eeb6-42af-b182-d3a560719a53_zpsddf47d8e.jpg

Escape With This Exceptional Historical Romance! (On Sale TODAY – 99 Cents)

 photo 2302f158-989a-4caf-9674-a862a3ce3091_zps6ac39487.jpg

Wow! The Best ‘Spine-Tingling’ Tempe Crabtree Mystery Yet!

 photo 0e82dabf-8d18-450e-880d-9f459a1ad9f0_zpsf0f29d32.jpg

Absolutely Lovely Romance—A Terrific Story!

 photo 2c6f429d-adc5-4504-bf05-c4a3480e8287_zpsc4e5e5d6.jpg

Highly Recommended Mystery—A Fictional Trip You Won’t Forget!

 photo 7db447e1-a76e-4829-bdc8-ded60f9c39f1_zpsd3485a3e.jpg
What Talent–This 5 Month Debut Already Seeing 25 Amazing 5-Star Amazon Reviews!

 photo e635568b-6da9-4a34-9d8e-77ae6ec3b999_zps611285ac.jpg

Remarkable Stories And Wisdom Of Noble Service—Be Empowered!

 photo 7c7d78bd-6cb1-4b85-932d-dabc3bccc325_zpsccafdff2.jpg

Excellent and Engaging Sequel—Delightful Read For Ages 8-Adults!

 photo 45dfea70-a7a7-41dc-a026-4379eea6014b_zps6d7a27c1.jpg

A YA Escapade Filled With Adventure and Excitement—Come Join The Hot Pursuit!

 photo 22ac565f-38a0-4c18-ad93-f2159ab883f6_zpsb85165c7.jpg

Suspense/Romance Seeing ALL AMAZING 5-Star Amazon Reviews!

 photo 2c3c888f-f3f2-40b7-86c4-45987d0ded57_zps6b199ca7.jpg

Packed With User-Friendly Internet Marketing Tips! An EXCELLENT Resource!

 photo 6bb91ab3-8214-4cc9-8a14-424edde00ce3_zpsf5bf00bd.jpg

Saving You Time this User-Friendly Internet Marketing Tip is Worth Every Penny!


2 comments on “Calling All Readers: Recommended NEW Books To Add To Your Shelf Or eReader! (48)

  1. Thank you Jo-Anne for marketing my book “Because of the Secret” by Ashlee North.
    I can’t wait to see the results of your wonderful work! 🙂 Ashlee North – Author of five “really hard to put down books”! ashleenorth.com

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