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Jump on the Social Media Train Now!

 Why market through the Internet?

1.) YOUR TARGETING AUDIENCE IS ON THE INTERNET! Bring exposure to yourself and your products where your potential buyers are hanging out. FACT – Social media is growing rapidly.

  • Facebook has 840 million users with the average time spent per person is 35 minutes per day. BTW – add a photo, to your updated status, and it will get you 54% more engagement. >according to Virtue<
  • YouTube is the second largest social media site.
  • LinkedIn – Professionals are signing up 2 members per second.
  • Pinterest – Set record for fastest growing site with 10 million monthly visitors. >Facts from Daphne Bousquet – June 21, 2012<
  • Goodreads – With over 20 million active members – specifically readers and writers, make sure:

a.) Your profile is up to date with an Author Status (which will include a full description of your book and purchase sites).

b.) Check your links to your site are functional.

c.)  Join and contribute to the many groups in your genre.

d.) Update status updates and add reviews of other author books.

e.) Periodically, host contests or book give-aways for even more exposure.

BTW – I hover around the 20th most followed which gives me MASSIVE exposure! 

2.) FREE – Time means money…so YES, spending time marketing on the social media sites will cost you energy…but time worth spent. If your time is limited and decide to hire professional marketers to do the work for you, you may consider purchasing services through PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES (http://www.premiumpromotions.biz ) *You Create – We Promote*. 

3.) CREATE RELATIONSHIPS – Through interactions, an established friends/followers/fans occurs, leading to a trust-base connection where clients or potential purchasers WILL purchase.


Marketing through the social media sites cannot be ignored. The Internet is where the potential clients or purchasers are spending their time. Bringing exposure and driving traffic back to the site where your products are sold is the secret to sales.

By:  Jo-Anne Vandermeulen 10/09/13


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