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How To Protect Your Sites and Internet Accounts

Blog - Dec 21Security is HUGE!

Your reputation is on-the-line (figuratively and literally)…open to ALL.

To have a malicious hacker attack is such a personal violation and can bomb a sudden end to income. What a devastation to lose your site(s), files, to have your contacts spammed, and to have your account removed (perhaps forever).

Affected by predators? If you haven’t, I’m sure you know of others who have.

So how do you protect your Internet business and online accounts from destruction?

Use a Strong and Unique Password

Password Recommendation:

  • Use a minimum of 14 characters.
  • Combine upper and lowercase letters; with numbers and symbols.
  • Never use the same password twice.
  • Do not use your name, website, your kids’ names or dictionary words.
  • Do not store your password in your BROWSER. If a pop up asks you to remember your password, and you click YES, then it will be saved in your browser. Instead, click NO and store your password in http://lastpass.com as this is a secure management tool.


Advantages Using LASTPASS:

  • Military strength encrypted vault – totally secure!
  • Free.
  • You only have to remember ONE PASSWORD
  • Generates an AMAZING password.
  • Auto-fills for other sites.
  • Organize everything.
  • There’s a sharing section for team members. Simple, as with one click, these shared passwords can be hidden from your team member.

Do NOT save your passwords on your computer with the file with subject: PASSWORD as the saved document.

If your computer is hacked, all your passwords WILL BE SHARED all over the Internet. Instead, how about taking the serial number off your kettle. That way, if you forget, you can always go to our counter and flip over the appliance.

Check your password strength

Go to: http://howsecureismypassword.net This site will calculate as to how much time it would take a hacker to crack your password (from seconds to years). Also will tell you the most common username and passwords.


Every day, hundreds of thousands of hackers are busy constantly attempting to ‘crack’ your password and username. Their tools are ‘top of the line’ and are miraculously designed to configure codes. Whether social media sites, websites or Gmail accounts, all variations of passwords and usernames are being constantly tested by these hackers.

Be smart—be safe and protect your sites and Internet accounts by using a private, strong and unique password.

Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen – Sept. 06, 2013


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One comment on “How To Protect Your Sites and Internet Accounts

  1. Good info. Lucky me I recently found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book marked it for later!

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