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Calling All Readers: Recommended NEW Books To Add To Your Shelf Or eReader! (47)

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 photo ebf4373a-657b-41b4-a985-66381e018ab9_zps9a3c78c6.jpg
Charming Inspirational Short Stories—Sure To Enlighten Any Darkness!

 photo 50947c16-4bd6-4e11-94de-d603837912dd_zps91c738d5.jpg
Much Needed Resource For Writers—A Reference Guide!

 photo e1291bfc-c093-4dcf-a70d-e216041c0ce5_zpsb429a666.jpg
Another Home-Run for Amish Author Beth Shriver!

 photo 598fd1e2-284a-4d3a-a373-962a196ef950_zps402a0067.jpg
Encouraging & Informative ‘How-To’ Book For Writers!

 photo 079608be-94fb-47c6-8b9d-e22c57127755_zpsbc47e6e0.jpg
Page After Page-A Feast Of Impressive Research Presented In User-Friendly & Encouraging voice. Pleasure To Learn Successful Business Tips!

 photo 545fe7af-4708-4f11-a608-c0b1a19739fc_zps588d5ebc.jpg
Fabulous Riveting Suspense/Romance Story—Gripping, Powerful, and Passionate From The First Page To The End!

 photo 2608c504-7d16-4399-9b81-97ffbcf35c32_zps6964d94a.jpg
An Explosion Of Selling Information Within The Battlefield Of Social Networking!


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