A Letter Worth Saving

This letter sits in the special section of my purse, hangs with scotch tape draped over my computer tower, and the words will remain forever in my heart.

This letter was sent to me last week by Jay Miller, my first client at Premium Promotional Services.

I want to share this letter with YOU…

Seven weeks ago, I spoke with the Lord.

“Lord,” I said. “I have done what you have asked me to do in writing and publishing these three children’s books for you.

They have turned out beautifully.

Yet, I have spent so much time trying to promote them, and it seems that I’m getting nowhere. I have basically beaten my head against the wall trying, but nothing is working.

At this point, I am asking for your guidance in the direction I need to go, and I need your help.

Basically, His answer was, “Step aside son, let me show you how it’s done.”

His first move was to drop me an Angel from heaven by the name of Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. She directed me to their company called “Premium Promotional Services.” There I met up with her partner named Brian Knight.

From then on, it has been pure heaven.

I don’t know that I can put into words the outstanding job that they have performed for me.

I am simply Awestruck, and amazed at the professionalism at which they’ve performed.

I have received professional weekly updates showing every detail of their work, and the accomplishments of such.  “Awesome!”

I am so very happy I called on the Lord and followed his directions.

I highly recommend this company to any author that is having difficulty as I was. They can deliver for you, I promise.

The best part was, I never had to lift a finger. They did it all.

Thank you both so much for what you’ve done for me.

God is good!

He delivers, and you are his messengers.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I wonder what next week will bring.

Jay Miller

Inspirational Writer of Children Literature

All God’s Critters Series




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