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Twitter – Today’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

 If you are an author, entrepreneur, business owner…this content packed article is for YOU!

Ever wonder:

  • WHAT – Can Twitter Do For My Business?
  • WHY – Should I Spend Time Tweeting?
  • WHERE – Can I Find My Targeting Audience?
  • HOW – Can these 6 AMAZING TIPS Guide Me Through Twitter? 

Here Are The Answers:

WHAT –  Can Twitter Do For Your Business?

  • MARKET – Develop, promote your brand.
  • INTERACT – A place to rapid-fire conversation and support your fan base.
  • MONITOR – Your traffic (who is interested).
  • BUZZ – Announce upcoming promotions/events.
  • PROMOTE – Show your area of expertise.
  • DEVELOP – Relationships AND generate sales leads.
  • SHARE – Content interesting to your potential clients.
  • CHAT – Personal contact including observations.

WHY – Spend Time Tweeting?

Maintaining a twitter (a micro-blogging service) presence is a powerful part of your business and with 42% users following brands and companies, you cannot afford to leave this social media site on the ‘back-burner’.>Target Market Survey <

WHERE – Do You Find People To Follow?

  • “Who To Follow” feature (on twitter toolbar).
  • Twitter Search.
  • Follow others who are following you.
  • Follow experts.


HOW – 6 Hot Twitter Tips!

Proven, free and user-friendly:

TIP #1 – Social Oomph (A FREE tool to boost your social media production ) – schedule tweets in duration. Bimonthly, collect around 20 tweets and then post in a sitting…then, relax as these will be distributed automatically.

TIP #2 – Tweet Deck (A FREE social media dashboard application, managing accounts) – syndicate with a single click or tweet to other main social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, and MySpace).

TIP #3 – Hashtags (#) (To mark keywords or tags) – categorizes the content of the tweet to a targeting audience.

TIP #4 – Twitter Name – will bring even more exposure to you. Your tweet should contain something like this: via @conquerall

TIP #5 – Functioning Link – remember to include the site’s url to direct traffic to its source. Bit.ly works well.

TIP #6 – Tweeting – Attempt to keep your tweet to 136 rather than 140 characters as this allows others to add a RT (Re-Tweet) without distorting any of your message.

Using Twitter will boost exposure and help connect with even more opportunities. If you can add to the TIP LIST…please feel free to comment…I enjoy hearing from my readers.


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One comment on “Twitter – Today’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. I enjoyed your comments; as an author of two over the top satires, ‘A Faithful Proposal’ and ‘A Southern Solution’, I can attest to the difficulty of finding a target audience; thanks for your insights.

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