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Powerful Positive Endorsements Create Business Success

Endorsements for Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Part 1: The Follow Through—Time To Reminisce and Act On The Past Happy Experiences 

You were right all along!

Time to throw all this spamming Internet blogged email bombardment gibberish away and listen to your true inner voice. Simple. Back to basics and where you know best…here we come!

I cannot sit still…physically as a kid…and now mentally, as a nearly half-century aged adult. Absolutely NOT complaining…

As a kid, since 1974, I grew up in the gym or the pool of my 800 populated town in Saskatchewan Canada. Continuing my addiction to sports, I headed to the big city to University (heck, the campus was bigger than my entire town!) and received honors for a Major in Physical Education Bachelors’ Degree. I remember back in high school, acquiring most MVP awards and sitting with streams of ribbons, blocks of trophies, and plaques of acknowledgements and bursaries. I was often called ‘The Robot Gal’…muscle memory was and still is EXTREMELY strong and precisely accurate. I was and am totally gifted!

Since 2009, I have come to learn that marketing is like playing a favorite sport.

Whether it is the baseball pitch, bat connection, basketball dunking, the football throw, curling delivery, golf swing, etc…all can NOT be successful without the follow through. THE MOST EFFECTIVE and SUCCESSFUL results are the same when it comes to MARKETING.

The SECRET to SUCCESSFUL MARKETING (Increased Sales and Higher Client Base) is the FOLLOW THROUGH—the ENDORSEMENT from previous clients/purchasers.

This is where quality again takes over from quantity. Take a look at LinkedIn…sure, tons of endorsements…but where are the ‘bulk’ of the ‘heart and voice’ those you’ve actually served and are these thousands actually being considered by the prospecting purchaser?

Now is the time for you to remember back to when our accomplishments and gifts where were recognized and prestigiously noticed.  YEP…now is the time for you to REACH OUT to your previous clients (not in bulk mail…but personally) and include them with your new mission. 


This article will guide you into SUCCESSFUL MARKETING. You will learn:

  • The Power of Viral Endorsements
  • Why it is Important to Have Previous Clients Coming Back
  • Working Tips on How You Can Receive Testimonies

YES, you deserve to blanket yourself in your accomplishments. Read, bask, and then pass on these inspiring words created JUST FOR YOU. You deserve it! Others need to know about YOU…want to learn/be entertained from what YOU have to offer.


The secret for a successful business and more sales are through previous HAPPY clients/purchasers. Their powerful testimonies will open many more doors to even more opportunities and sales.

Uplifting personal endorsements, business referral recommendations, or 5-star book reviews provide the power. Your SEARCHING FUTURE PROSPECTS will be happy to be given the BEST DIRECTION to purchase and…spread YOU around. These folks WILL BECOME your marketers…saving you work and THE BEST in the business!

WHY Will Previous happy Clients COME BACK?

There’s an already established:

  • Friendship and trust—a relationship.
  • Sense of Respect and Community Connection—a genuine feeling of familiarity.
  • Simple—no more searching as you will provide the solution to their problems and fulfill their needs.


  • JUST ASK – Many previous happy clients will take the time with you as they know you have taken the time for them. They are now contributing to your success and you should be honored as such by:

– Setting up client appreciation days or services (a reduction in future services)

– Providing exposure to enhance their needs

For example: I create functional links to endorsements so the viewers are directed back to the clients’ site…the link works as SEO, giving them even more exposure while boosting them higher in the search engines.

Note: Keep in mind…GIVE, Give, and then give even more…and your efforts will pay off (not instantaneously…but eventually…but do NOT keep this as your inner motive!).

  • GIVE TIME – Be clear on what it is you are searching for in a testimony.  Provide examples…and don’t pressure the happy client to submit right away. Provide specific details on what you will do in return. Although many do NOT want anything, I consider an extended service as a thank you gift.
  • RECIPROCATE – If asked, be prepared to return the favor.

Here are some AWESOME samples of REALITY. If you’re anything like me…now is the time to take a deep breath and TAKE IT ALL IN—Recent Endorsements for Jo-Anne Vandermeulen:

“Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is my first choice when it comes to marketing. She is wonderful to work with, always reliable, and her Premium Promotional Services provide a huge boost in sales! Whenever Jo-Anne is on the job, I know I can leave it in her hands and get back to writing!”>Suza Kates http://www.suzakates.com/ <

“ Jo-Anne gave me great international exposure for my book, Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book, on the Talk Radio Network. I’m definitely glad I did it.” >Daniel Saynuk author of Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book www.danielsaynuk.com<

“I have taken advantage of Jo-Anne’s special promotions about 18 months ago. She’s going to promote another of my book for the August promotion. I have notified her to reserve a spot for me in Septembers promotion, this one is for my book Engine 24: Fire Stories. I have appeared on her radio show and I can tell you if she offers you the opportunity to appear on her show – DO IT.” >Joe Corso www.corsobooks.com <

I’ve been using Jo-Anne’s services for years, which by itself is the best recommendation I can offer. What always brings me back is this – she does what she says she will do, and it’s always done when she says it will be done. She is the epitome of the word “professional.” >Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr. http://www.edwardfmrkvickajr.com/index.html<

“Jo-Anne Vandemeulen is one of the hardest working business people I know. She markets her business, and ideas she has for improving your business, with a tireless resolve. And never is Jo-Anne anything but a positive, entrepreneurial force of nature; she’s amazing!” >Clayton Clifford Bye http://www.claytonbye.com<

“I have done business with Jo-Anne for several years now, and have found her to be a very pleasant and competent business woman. She has helped the sale of my book immensely, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to promote their book or product! ” >Raymond Gustavson http://amzn.to/15b41Vp <

Now do you see how I  just couldn’t wait until ALL the endorsements came forth. You CAN DO IT TOO!  

For the next few days, I will be featuring and sprinkling my prior clients’ endorsements throughout valuable content to help other business people achieve the success YOU deserve.


>Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen – August 21, 2013<


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