Approached by many publishers about marketing their authors, I now have the answer…

  • Facebook Business/Fan Page


Publisher’s Facebook Business Page – Click HERE

Author’s Facebook Business/Fan Page – Click HERE

In One Simple Step:

1.)             Send me an email: jo@ppromotionals.net and include:

  • The title to the NEW Facebook Fan Page

Usually the author’s name or the title to his/her book. (Example: My business page is Premium Promotional Services and my author page is Internet Marketing Tips)

  • The link to where you’d like your viewers to go

Usually the personal website/blog or distributer website.  (Example: My business page goes to my business site at http://www.premiumpromotions.biz  and my author page goes to the distributing site  http://www.thelauruscompany.com/store/9 )

  • Contact email

(Example: I like my followers to send email to gr5mom2@yahoo.ca )


2.)             Custom Design –


a.)   Shop the 27 different designs – You/author choose the template: Click HERE   (Must complete registration and log in)


b.)   Allow me to do EVERYTHING – I will choose the site design/template


…and I’ll do the rest.


The  cost is $59.99 (per author) for the month of MAY.  (I will e-mail you from my Paypal account – gr5mom2@yahoo.ca for payment).

That’s it!

I don’t need anything else.

I can get everything off the Internet.

So relax…:).

Space is limited…

“Persevere and persist as if there shall be no tomorrow.”

>Jo-Anne Vandermeulen from *Conquer All Obstacles*<

All the BEST!


Please pass this link on to an author friend.

Premium Promotional Tips for Writers
By: Owner & Marketer of Premium Promotional Services,
Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

 *Note: Must have an existing FB account – Any Genre (Fiction/Nonfiction) Welcome*


2 comments on “Need Help Marketing? FACEBOOK BUSINESS/FAN PAGE

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  2. Houston Web Marketing…

    […]Need Help Marketing? FACEBOOK BUSINESS/FAN PAGE « JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN “Conquer All Obstacles”[…]…

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