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Three Simple Steps To Turn Followers Into Buyers

blog - Dec 28 - 2FOLLOWERS are SO VALUABLE to ANY MARKETER (to those who are attempting to sell products online).

With more Internet connections and interactions, these FRIENDS become FOLLOWERS…and with constant given valuable content and solutions to their problems…these followers SOON become FANS or SUBSCRIBERS

Why is it important to build a SUBSCRIBER LIST?

These subscribers are your FANS!

What are Subscribers?

Subscribers **PERMISSION MARKETERS* (see footnotes) are individuals or companies who:

1.)         Have shown interest in what you have to offer.

2.)         Are YOUR TARGETING audience.  

3.)         INTERESTED in what you have to offer

4.)         Your ADDED MARKETERS for what you have to offer (as they will share what they learned with others).


Three Simple Steps to Turn Followers Into Buyers

1.)         Produce Valuable Content (***ETHICAL BRIBE) Your Targeting Audience Wants:

  • Give

Give, give and then give some more…expecting NOTHING in return. Unconditional Love!

How to give an ETHICAL BRIBE?

How To Give Valuable Content Give Away:

  • Article Marketinghttp://www.Ezinearticle.com – Must be Original Material – Opportunities will come.
  • Guest Blogging – Bring valuable to the table – to target the experts’ blog.
  • Interviews – Blogtalkradio, blogs with recognition to your link. Collaborate your values with others who you partner with.
  • Social Media Marketing – About 10 minutes a day – Article written, updated status updates, and video.


2.)       Individual and Group Contribution:


  • Be Genuine

Prove your expertise by answering questions in GROUPS listed in the social media sites. Contribute to the discussions, without flogging your product. Generating a following and then having them subscribe into NETWORK BLOGS, your BLOG specifically, SOCIAL NETWORKS (such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube),

  • Update Your Profile – New professional photo with a unique profile to snag attention. Remember to list endorsements.
  • Welcome and Invite Viewers to Subscribe – NETWORK BLOGS, your BLOG(S) specifically, SOCIAL NETWORKS (such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube), in conversational-tone ask them what you’d luv to see happen.
  • Build a List – Anyone and EVERYONE who shows interest, save their contact information in Google. Later, categorize it into Google+ Circles so you can hone in on the audience searching for your free information.

Internet Marketing is about:

1.)    Targeting your audience

2.)    Proving you are an expert and/or have the product they are searching for.

3.)    Driving the (*traffic) (potential prospects) back to your site where your product(s) are sold.


All takes time!


*Traffic(those who are targeted to the SPECIFIC INTEREST, and you can direct back to your site where your product(s) are sold BECOME POTENTIAL PURCHASERS…they are interested in your VALUABLE CONTENT…have perhaps sought out a relationship and developed a trust through Social Media Sites and are NOW READY TO PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT.

Note: Those interested in YOU (and what you have to genuinely offer) are more interested in your product and are more apt to either purchase OR sharing to their traffic.

**PERMISSION MARKETERS – An opt-in subscriber list.

***ETHICAL BRIBE – Offering the view content of value. Example: Free webinar or what I offer *FREE INTERNET MARKETING TIPS* articles.

Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen – July 18, 2013


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