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The Formula To Success (More Endorsements)

 The Perfect Answer:

60 Amazing Endorsements = Total Gratitude!

“…lightness expanding within my rib-cage, burning cheeks, and leaky eyes… WOW!”  

Your words speak volume and heighten my success—meeting, supporting, and having YOU as a true friend.

Thank You!

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“An incredibly hard-working and talented writer and publicist.”
Laura Elvebak on Jun 24, 2011

“Jo-Anne is a fine author who is very dedicated to her work. Funny too!”
Sara McGoodwin on Jun 24, 2011

“Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a leading member of book promotion. trustworthy, reliable and talented she is a joy to work with.” I would like to congratulate Jo-Ann for the professionalism and dedication she applied to book promotion.”
Simon Marshland on Jun 24, 2011

 “Jo-Anne is a fine writer!”
Kathy Maresco Matthews Stemke on Jun 24, 2011

“The professional woman personified. Not only is she an outstanding writer, she uses her expertise to support others in the publishing field!”
Glenda A Bixler on Jun 26, 2011

“Jo-Anne is extremely responsible and handles every job with professionalism.”
Tony Angelo on Jun 25, 2011

“Jo-Anne is a talented and gifted writer!”
Jennifer Beasley on Jun 25, 2011

“Jo-Anne has forgotten more about marketing and promotion than I will ever know. Her advice is priceless.”
Roxanne Smolen on Jun 25, 2011

“Jo is great when it comes to marketing understanding that we need to look at all markets to learn how to best market our own. ”
Kristal McKerrington on Jun 26, 2011

“Jo-Anne inspires more people than she’ll ever know. A winner, truly on top of her game. Her energy and motivation is contagious!”
Laurie Winkelmann on Jun 27, 2011

“Jo-Anne is a marketing guru with visionary ideas and ability to articulate complicated ideas clearly and elegantly.”
Author Angela Stevenson-Ringo on Jun 30, 2011

“Jo-Anne has a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and management skills.”
Hermes H Art on Jun 30, 2011

“A committed writer and networker, Jo-Anne is a thought leader and a force to be reckoned with.”
Ic Jackson on Jul 1, 2011

“Jo Anne has helped me spread the word about my books, especially when no one knew who I was. She’s a total professional”
Vincent Zandri on Jun 28, 2011

“Jo-Anne is a very good and gifted writer and communicator of ideas.”
Scott R Davis on Jul 4, 2011

“Jo-Anne does a super job with her marketing ideas!”
Chloe Jon Paul on Jul 10, 2011

“Jo-Anne is a super-connector. If you want to meet someone amazing, look no further.”
Amber Bowden on Jul 10, 2011

“Jo-Anne really knows promotion. She provides great marketing ideas and services.”
Dianne G Sagan on Jul 11, 2011

“Jo-Anne’s skills are in high demand once seen.”
Marty S King on Jul 11, 2011

“Jo-Anne is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.”
Joyce Horne Waller on Jul 14, 2011

“Everyone needs a friend like Jo-Anne. Her attention to detail, work ethic, and likable personality make her friendship a must!”
Paula Michelson on Jul 14, 2011

“With her substantial knowledge of internet marketing and high energy approach, Jo-Anne delivers A+ results.”
Author Roy McConnell on Jul 16, 2011

“Jo-Anne is incredibly smart. A true problem solver and critical thinker. If you want a modern day Einstein, look no further.”
Joseph Cacciotti on Jul 24, 2011

“Jo-Anne strikes me as full of energy and enthusiasm, with plenty of great advice.”
Helen M Hart on Jul 22, 2011

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