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HOT OFF THE PRESS: New and Exciting Rave Reviews

 Sizzling with excitement…like WOW! “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” is on fire—sparking with rave reviews!

>”Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” receives even more accolades from readers<

First, I’d like to thank all those who’ve taken the time to write and post reviews for my books. My friends/readers are what REALLY sweetens the cake – YOU are the final frosting…thank YOU!

KUDOS to NORM GOLDMAN of Bookpleasures.com  who reviewed “Premium PROMOTIONAL TIPS for Writers”  http://bit.ly/b38ydv A MUST READ REVIEW!

Vandermeulen is a skilled writer adept in presenting material in small digestible morsels that will maintain your interest” >Norm Goldman<

KUDOS to ANNA PATTERSON (Facebook Friend and dedicated fan) who reviewed “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers”  http://on.fb.me/9wBtJt (See the review below)

”To tell you the truth, I wish I had read it when I first got it, since it answered many questions I have had about book writing and promotion.”>Anna Patterson<

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s

“Premium Promotional Tips for Writers”

Book Review by Anna Patterson, Journalist

A guide to strategy including game plans for accomplishing goals as an author or entrepreneur facing today’s promoting hurdles.

A non-fiction book of 126 pages of targeted massive exposure potential!

“Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” has already received rave reviews:

*Her advice is sound

*She delivers!

*Takes guesswork out of book promoting.

Published by The Laurus Company as a non-fiction book.

“Who Likes to Get Naked?  Jo-Anne cracks the whip on getting the thoughts in line to market your own book. This is a topic covered under Building an Author’s Platform.

Authors concerns in book promoting planning are laid out plainly and strategically in a working map to success with “Finding Your Niche”, part of Jo-Anne’s Tips for Presenting a Professional Blog.

For the novice, overwhelmed by the Internet and all of the open doorways it offers into its seeming labyrinth of information, she covers their needs in this new endeavour. He or she will find their needs met with expertise in “Climbing to the Top: Search Engines, explained in a “How To section under Tip #5 Driving Traffic.

Jo-Anne uses her degree in Education with a Major in English Literature to spread her word of allowing people she helps to becoming knowledgably about their own valuable connection as an author or other type of entrepreneur to the internet.

Jo-Anne knows first-hand that magic moment when an author has written a book and is suddenly overwhelmed with the thought of “now what?”

She explores the three do you want to do this issues faced including: 1. the traditional large publisher; 2. small publisher; 3. self publishing.

Later she warns: “Take blogging seriously”, Invest the time and attention needed to be successful.”

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a Canadian author, and is an expert blogger. She offers in her amazing repertoire, free marketing tips; she is producer and hostess of “Authors articulating” on Blog talk radio, and also is the founder and marketer of “Premium Promotional Services”.

This non-fiction book explains Jo-Anne’s own heart-wrenching change in her life due to a medical illness which forced her out of the 20 year teaching career she enjoyed. She had raised two daughters as a single mom, so she knew life can be very challenging indeed, but she found herself starting over in a career.

Excerpt: “To conquer all obstacles and get your site climbing higher

in those search engines, you must be prepared to do

some work. Sure, establishing a readership so those hits grow

in number is important, but now you will have to convince

the web crawlers.”

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a prolific writer. She is also the author of a suspense-romance novel, “Conquer All Obstacles”. Jo-Anne lives in British Columbia. She is the virtual assistant, owner and marketer of Premium Promotional Services, Professional Online Network Support, as well as produces and hosts BTR. You will find her at Journey to Publication: www.joconquerall.com And Conquer All Obstacles: www.joconquerobstacles.com.

For other information about this amazing woman, go to these sites.

Note: For many many more amazing 5-star Amazon Reviews:

“Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” – http://amzn.to/bcRLLd

“Conquer All Obstacles” – http://amzn.to/c8DzWO

New this Week:

YAHOOooo!!! I’m FEATURED on MIDNIGHT SEDUCTIONS #authors #writers with @conquerall http://bit.ly/bDmbZ6 JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN GUEST INTERVIEW – PROMOTIONAL TIPS – Combining Authorship with Marketing – A GREAT SOLUTION!


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