Sell Your Books Today!

Calling for ALL INDEPENDENT AUTHORS from all over the world!

In just a month, “Back to the Books” sold OVER THE PROJECTED BOOK SALES as Jon Renaud moved 1/16 of his total inventory and is NOW CALLING OVER 100 NEW TITLES…

“Back to the Books”, opened (March 15) boutique coffee/book store located in the shadow of Pikes Peak in beautiful downtown Manitou Springs, Colorado. This is a trendy, liberal, tourist town that is visited by several million visitors every year and is just outside of Colorado Springs!

In the cold and snowy month that marked our first month open, “Back to the Books” store sold 277 books and EXPECT SALES TO TRIPLE in the coming months and continue throughout the summer and into the holiday season.

Here is your chance to sell your books!…I’m taking advantage of this…shouldn’t you?

Jon reports that even the local resident response has been tremendous! “…love having a bookstore in town.” Now he’s concerned he does NOT have enough great titles for variety, even after the tourists go home. He needs MORE AUTHORS!

    *First come, first serve…so do NOT wait…contact Jon Renaud (www.jonrenaud.com ) TODAY at: foxxgrp@gmail.com


  •   – You set the price and receive 80%.
  • Send no more than 25 books at a time.
  •   – You must have a Paypal account for immediate sale deposits.
  • eBook version of your book is recommended.
  • Accepting ALL quality (professionally edited) genres.

Interested? Please contact Jon for the exact address.

Oh, and if you know of others who may be interested, please forward this distributing opportunity on to them. THANK YOU!

BTW – Jon Renaud is the BEST distributor I’ve ever had! Even in the first month, I have sold many of my own titles and he has gone beyond the call of duty. Here are some of the extra’s

  •  Back to the Books” is a BEAUTIFUL store and is in an AWESOME location! His taste in décor and ambience is noted.
  • Jon KEEPS ME INFORMED AND UPDATED – Every couple weeks, he contacts me as to how many sales and which titles were purchased.
  • Jon sends me money immediately, so none of this usual ‘wait’…yahooooo!
  • Jon sends me updated information on how the general store is producing for sales and some interesting details on customer base. Pictures are wonderful!
  • Jon is updating a website. Click HERE for the website.
  • Jon has also established an online distributing site for even more exposure and possible sales for those unable to buy at the physical store in Colorado. Click HERE for the online store. 
  • Every month, ‘Back to the Books’ includes a BEST SELLING FEATURE AUTHOR and the TOP BEST SELLERS.
  • Jon has an AWESOME team of FRIENDS and FELLOW-AUTHORS/MARKETERS that are getting the buzz flowing like crazy, all over the Internet; thus, even MORE EXPOSURE for each independent author.

 Hats off to Jon…just wondering how much sleep the man actually gets???…lol


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5 comments on “Sell Your Books Today!

  1. Please email me with info.

    Graham Diamond

  2. Just contacted him today. Hope it works out.

  3. Jon, I would love to make my books available through your store; I have hard copies of ‘a Faithful Proposal’ and it’s an ebook on Amazon and the second title is ‘A Southern Solution’, a print on demand book via Createspace and an ebook on Amazon. I have an electronic banking account number that should work instead of Paypal. let me know more details, Alan Beck

    • Hi Abe;
      I will be having another PPS PROMO DEAL for December where you and your books will be FEATURED.
      I WILL accept certified checks rather than PayPal. I do hope this way of payment method is okay with you.
      If you cannot send payment by PayPal, please send a certified check: $57.99 to: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
      #535 3666 Royal Vista Way
      Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
      V9N 9X8
      Let me know when it is in the mail, so I can watch for it. Thank YOU!
      Have a WONDERFUL evening!

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