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News for Online Marketing Expert, Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

 Now you will be able to make a difference to your sales and *conquer all obstacles*.  “INTERNET MARKETING MADE EASY” will give you the knowledge to make the profits you deserve.

JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN is posting her NEW book cover TODAY! After a year in production, official release date is January 2nd,  2012 (HER BIRTHDAY!) – “INTERNET MARKETING MADE EASY”.


*Getting Started: Creating a Following

*Establishing a Voice (BLOGGING)

*Advancing in the Search Engines

*Jo-Anne’s Favorite Tips

*Guaranteeing Massive Exposure (SOCIAL NETWORKING)

*Creating a Platform (ATTRACTING CLIENTS)

*Targeting your Audience (SAVING ENERGY)

*Balancing Online Activities (MANAGING TIME)

*Reaching Your Goal (SUCCESS HERE I COME!)


– Packed with tips that are proven to work

– User-friendly for the beginner, average, and advanced marketer

– Up-to-date attainable tips you can use right now

– Flexible in that you can use these tips for ANY product you wish to sell online, and…

– Quick read – (although a costly publishing and printing costs for her, she PERSONALLY REQUESTED THIS ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUE so you will be able to flow through the entire book quickly and with complete understanding – instead of just a glossary at the back, each technical or marketing term is highlighted with a definition and/or example RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SAME PAGE! BRILLIANT!!!)

Here’s what some readers are saying about JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN’S BOOKS:

“From the first pages it is evident that this book is a feast of impressive research, and what is more, Vandermeulen is a skilled writer adept in presenting material in small digestible morsels that will maintain your interest.”—Norman Goldman, Editor of Bookpleasures

“Vandermeulen provides lots of motivation; she makes you truly believe that you can ‘conquer all obstacles’!”—Tanya Guerrier

“Great Tool! It’s so great to have so much information in one place.”—Dana Taylor

“The best how-to book I have ever read … Jo-Anne’s voice and bright smile came through the text on every page … It does not matter if you are promoting a book, a business, or an upcoming special event, you have got to get this book to help you get the word out to millions of people in a very cost effective (free) way.”J Renaud

“A Real Time Saver! Jo-Anne lays it all out in a clear, concise format.”—Tracy Krauss

“I have to admit, I was not getting my hopes up on this one. I started with the sample today. Very impressed. It is worth investing.”—Najia

“Gaining exposure on the Internet has never been so easy! … The huge marketing benefits from this book are astounding.”—Brian Knight

“Page after page of fantastic ideas. Heck, I found myself not just reading it to review the book, but taking notes so I could apply her secrets to my own career.”—Duncan Long, Internationally Recognized Technical and Fictional Writer with Over 70 Books in Print

“Jo-Anne has another winner!”—Deborah McCarragher

“Ms. Vandermeulen’s clear, concise approach makes the almost mystical haze of online marketing easy to grasp for the most neophyte of Internet users. And just to be sure, she includes a very good glossary in the back of the book to help you understand strange, almost ethereal concepts such as ‘tags’ and ‘blogs’ … And I can promise you one thing … I’ll be keeping this book close by for years to come!”—James Holloway

“If you are spinning at the thought of promoting your book or product or service, this book will plant your feet on the ground and point you in the right direction. The ideas here apply to everyone with a product or service to market.”—Katherine Kane

“Jo-Anne Vandermeulen provides a wealth of information and services for writers. I’ve learned a lot by simply reading her material. Her advice is sound, and her energetic promotional efforts world class.”—Donald Jeffries, Prolific Poet (Songwriter), Novelist of Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Children’s Literature

“[Jo-Anne Vandermeulen] takes the mystery and guesswork out of book

promoting, freeing a writer time to write! —Stuart Ross McCallum, Author of “Beyond my Control – One Man’s Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery and Beyond”

“An absolute waterfall of information! Well done.” —J. W. Nicklaus, Author of “The Light, the Dark, and Ember Between”

“… so much good info here. I’ll be coming back to read more.”—G W Gresham, Author of Thriller Fiction

“Great info … I’ve tried to explain this same concept so many times. It’s not hard to apply, and I know you have helped a lot of people with your excellent information. Thank you for that.” —Adrienne Smith, Good News Merchant

More about  Jo-Anne Vandermeulen:

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a Canadian author, expert blogger (offering free Internet marketing tips), producer and hostess of “Authors Articulating” on Blogtalkradio, founder and marketer of the online marketing business—“Premium Promotional Services”, appears on many major social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.)…as a professional support network for writers, and donates to the registered charity ‘Spirit Pet Sanctuary’. With two books out (including a suspense/romance novel) called “CONQUER ALL OBSTACLES”, Jo-Anne has overcome her own obstacles to follow her dreams. An English major, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), in 2006 she had to give up teaching when she was diagnosed with an illness that forced her to get out of the classroom. Now, with the novel Conquer All Obstacles, and the non-fiction resource books Premium Promotional Tips for Writers and Internet Marketing Made Easy, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is an inspiration for many.


With 1/2 million followers, her books are offered in over 50 countries and available at all the major distribution sites such as Amazon. To order through the author: Click HERE.




Interested in more FREE daily INTERNET MARKETING TIPS, click HERE





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